A Call to Unity and Prayer


In light of recent events in Egypt we are reminded of the importance of Unity in prayer and across denominations for the Global Christian Church. It is easy in times of great tragedy such as the Coptic bombing to remember our brother and sister Churches overseas, but do we remember and lift before the Father these Churches daily? .. My challenge to the Church is to pray daily for our sister Churches no matter where they may be or our differences in Theology. At the root of it we are all called to follow Christ and do so in the understanding that God has given us individually. Over time our perspective and understanding of Grace and the nature of the Cross change as we seek to move closer to God. Does that mean were were ‘less Christian’ than the next person previously? Certainly not. Rather we were simply in different places with a Theology shaped by our personal experience of the Lord Jesus Christ. Theology by definition is meant to change as part of our Christian growth. How we express that Theology is neither better nor worse than the next but rather an expression of our relationship.

I encourage us all to pray daily for our brothers and sisters in Christ, those experiencing Religious persecution and those experiencing personal persecution for their faith. The husband that is rebuked by his wife for strong beliefs, the daughter that no longer gets along with her parents due to her choice being in Christ, the wife and mother who feels imprisoned in her own home for fear of expressing her love for Jesus and the sons who are daily ridiculed by other young men.

I pray in earnest for the protection and healing for those affected by the Egyptian bombing that they might know the comfort of God’s Grace and the expression of His love. That we all may grow in unity for our Christian brothers and sisters- Coptic, Catholic, Episcopalian, Anglican, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Orthodox, Church of England, Congregational, Uniting or any other expression of God’s Grace in Jesus Christ.

I pray that the Church and Christians everywhere, that whilst condemning acts of hatred and bigotry are wise and measured in how they accept those of other faiths. Rather than preach division and persecution of those outside the Church, instead pray earnestly that they will find truth in the love of Christ.




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