The Torn Veil

The veil was torn from top to bottom..


This good Friday we remember the greatest sacrifice, our Beloved Jesus Christ dying on the Cross for the sins of humanity. A God so in love with His people that he would die purely to be closer to us.

Many parents out there know what we would do to show our love to our kids. We are deeply in love with them as we have cared for, raised, nurtured and protected them often from the very moment of conception. Likewise our God through His own Son gave himself up for us- He has raised us, nurtured and protected His children sacrificing the very essence of Himself for his kids.

The Bible speaks in Matthew of the tearing of the temple veil from top to bottom.

..Ripples through eternity.. 

Why? Because it signifies access to God in a previously unknown way, the opening of a way to the Father for all not just the high priesthood of the time.

But for me that image brings much more, to me the imagery of that torn veil brings with it the sound and agony of Jesus final wails of pain on the Cross. A Tearing of not only the veil, but the cleaving of the Father’s own heart as Jesus died. A cleaving that opened His chest that others might dwell I’m the Fathers herbert also.

but surely that Veil was not just heard cleave so many years ago, but ripples through the ages touching the very corners of eternity.

I pray that today in our own way we experience the tearing of our own veils that guard our heart. that we lay bare before God our own chest that we would allow him to dwell with us and in us in ways we have never seen before.


© Andrew Jewell – Wedgetail Ministries


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