These Broken Shards of Glass..


Do you ever get the feeling that no matter what you try, who you speak to or how much you pray Humpty is scratching to put his pieces back together again?

Life and in particular relationships is often difficult, we feel as if we have been pushed, pulled, stomped on, stretched, torn, digested and thrown up again in every conceivable way imaginable. It can be challenging to look down at these broken shards of glass that used to be you and glue them back into some kind of functional human being again. Here are couple a of things to remember..

Glass Reflects

Glass , although transparent most often has a reflective quality, ironically most often when it is clean and untouched by others.  How we see things can easily be a reflection of those around us rather than who we are at our core. It is important then to be mindful of who we have in our lives, around us and who we are listening to.

How we see things can easily be a reflection of those around us rather than who we are at our core

In Times when we are feeling broken we need the right people around us. Steer away from the nay-sayers, the mud-slingers and the spiritually poor and instead seek out those in a position to help you rebuild. Those of strong faith, those who exude kindness and humility and those who are trained or naturally rebuild you. Well adjusted friends and family, counsellors, psychologists, dr’s and pastors are all good people to have around you.

Glass Responds to Heat

Ok things might have gotten a little hot so you needed to get out of the kitchen. In the first instance it’s great to remember that that’s ok. Everyone has a different tolerance to heated situation for a lots of different reasons, but the journey hasn’t ended here and in fact may have only just begun. One way we can cope with heat and pressure is to use it has been said that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing the same way over and again and expecting a different outcome..

to make us stronger, to redefine who we want to be and to rebuild ourselves a little differently than before- after all it has been said that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing the same way over and again and expecting a different outcome. Glass when it becomes hot enough becomes malleable, able to be shaped, shifted and even joined into something it wasn’t previously- we can too. Our biggest issue is learning to get out of our own way and embrace the process.

Glass Becomes Strong When Cooled

Even though the process is tough the end result of what we do and have become with these broken shards,  speaks for itself. If we truly want to get to the end it is best not to react when we are still in a heated state, when we are weak and able to be twisted, perhaps by someone with the wrong intentions. Wiser to be patient and wait until your glass is beginning to cool, moulded into something new that has strength in its own shape. It pays to remember we need to keep our eyes on what the end result can be, to trust in the firing process, that it will pass and we will have become a vessel able to withstand more pressure, hold more grace and resonate resilience.

Glass Resonates with Frequency

Glass resonates based on the environment and noise around it (who can forget those cartoon opera singers obliterating glassware  to a rodent conductor?). Just as we need positive people around us when we are healing, keeping those people around us helps us to resonate, experience, project and amplify their positive energy. When you come out anew use that to resonate the victory you have experienced in coming out the other side. Praise God and pray with thankfulness for it was with the help of his hand and in establishing his final design. If we trust and play-out the process then we are in a position to choose. Moreover we are in position to  be the person that someone else reflects when trying to piece together their own broken shards of glass…


©Andrew Jewell- Wedgetail Ministries

About the Author;

Andrew is a Christian Motivational Speaker,  Pastor and Counsellor




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