Is My Baby Ok?

So often we go through the day, head down, back-end up hoping to make it to home time ⌚ ⏰.  Like children released from school we scurry home after work seeking a familiar routine and hopefully rest. But in those times do we stop and think of our partners too?

Remembering why we are where we are

The funny thing about humans is that we spend our lives fighting to get those things that have value to us, but quickly lose sight of the very thing we were chasing. If we want to be wealthy, we spend more time pursuing more wealth than actually enjoying the benefits. If we seek love instead of nurturing the people that love us, we keep looking for more. More expectations on them to be there more, touch us more, talk more, and on and on the list goes. 

We think that for us to be happy it’s up to them to help make us that way.


So what would happen if we flip that on its head? If we chose the Christ-led path of putting others first? In Christian relationships where this thought is mutually valued suddenly we become more to ourselves and each other than we thought possible.

Is my baby ok?

Where do we start you may ask in seeking to nurture first each other in Christ? Simply asking ‘is my baby ok?’ 

We nay frequently return from a hard day, instantly spouting tears of blood about our day, giving our sounding board a good pounding. But what if the first thing we did was ask our partner how they are doing? 

When is the last time you asked your baby if he/she is ok? 

Andrew for Wedgetail Ministries 


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