Under the Olive tree

  I have a place that I go, a place of peace and of knowledge. A place I seek out to recharge, learn, put things down and find Spiritual truth.
 When I close my eyes I walk a wide path to the olive tree. It is there I find my God. Jesus…, reclined underneath the branches leaning against its old trunk waiting patiently for me to arrive. 

 It’s then that He shares with me the secrets of my journey. He uses symbols and parables and straight talk to guide, comfort and direct His purpose for me. Always with a smile, often with levity and overwhelming with love.

 I come to this place often, sometimes several times daily if only to sit with my King. It may be the same things I am to learn or new truth, unfurled like a bedsheet before my eyes. It is my comfort, my peace and my place of communion.

 I encourage you all, seek prayerfully your place of peace. He waits patiently for those if childlike faith and a desire to be in His presence. To learn, to love and yes even just to hang out.

Nurture the journey to your olive tree. You too can spend time with your brother and King.

Andrew Jewell – Wedgetail Ministries 

Wedgetailministries.com offers a new paradigm in pastoral care and Christian e-counselling. Join us today and start the next step of your journey.


3 Comments on “Under the Olive tree

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