In Him, Warts and All

As Christians we are often hard on ourselves about our relationship with God. We can think we have to do more, be more, strive more for God. But God doesn’t seek subjects to do His bidding like a pharaoh. God seeks not worship for worship’s  sake but seeks ‘worshippers’!

Why we may ask? Simply because God wants us to be in relationship with Him. He loves us and rejoices in the fact when we love Him back.

God isn’t interested in people making the right noises, putting on a happy face all the time and definitely not a fake relationship for our own ends.
He wants us!  Plain and simple, warts and all through Jesus Christ. He loves you and you don’t need to be perfect in your walk, but you do need to be real.

It’s hard for Him to lift us when we fall if we try and hide it. It’s hard for Him to comfort if we don’t face our own guilt. And it’s hard for God to cry with us if we are afraid of our own tears.

Be the best you can in Him because you love Him and He loves you. Then you can deal together with the things that make us fall short of God’s glory.

The reality is when God has our heart, real, battered, revealed and laid bare the relationship becomes perfect in Him. Be Honest, be real and be wonderfully in love with your Father and Creator.

Andrew – for Wedgetail 


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