Renewed by Grace

We All have a need, a need to feel that the sins of our past don’t drive us. A need to feel that we have a hand in not repeating old mistakes and are free to make new ones. A sense of freedom that no matter where we are or where we’ve come from that we have a fighting chance.

That’s where Grace comes in. Grace comes because we can’t. Can’t move forward can’t get off a loop of misfortune or bad decisions. Can’t save ourselves in spite of Ourselves. Grace is the reaching down by God to our situation, to lift us up and give us hope.

Grace is given freely, from the Father, through Jesus Christ and by the Holy Spirit. Grace is where God starts after we have stopped. Grace is the Divine outpouring of love, help and hope for one reason.

That we simply don’t deserve it.

But He chooses to give it anyway. Because we don’t deserve it.

In our brokenness love becomes strong, purely because perfect loves has no motivation other than He can.

How often do you model what you see the Father doing, purely from a point of love? How often do we give to others not only when they don’t deserve it, but rather because they don’t deserve it?

That is the true nature if Grace…

~ Andrew ~ for Wedgetail 


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