Living in His Will

by Andrew Jewell

I don’t know about you but one of the hardest things I think we experience in our walk is when our will, or more accurately, our wants clash with God’s will.

Even for the most devoted Christian it is easy to get confused between what we consider our needs, and what God does. Arguing with Him even though we often try seems pointless. Not because He doesn’t listen, but because on some level we know He is right.

Throughout James 4 we hear of rebuke toward God’s people that are trying to go off their own way. Wanting and trying to hold tight to prayer but for all the wrong reasons. How often do we fall into the trap of praying out of selfish desire, pride or ambition?

How often do we feel God hasn’t answered us the way we want because what we were driving at and what God was steering us toward was different?

The devil is in the detail

We might say ‘I could never do that’. But the devil is often in the detail. Our motives get confused and clouded. Not just for our own sake but for others. Maybe you don’t feel you are providing for your family or children enough. Maybe you feel that because Mrs Jones down the street has a nicer car, house or clothes that God loves her more, or that you are unworthy. Most certainly not! Why, because God judges each of us by our relationship with Him and acts accordingly.

 We may have many children but not all are taught the same lesson at the same time.

Lessons come in many seasons, some are about finances and pride, others about relationships and still others how we respond to the Kingdom and Creation. The hardest lesson to learn in Faith is simply that – Faith. Faith that He knows us better than we know ourselves. Faith that God provides all we need, not us.

Trust that his will for us is better than our own. Trust and expect that society and materialism will always let us down, but the Father won’t. Be all you can be in Faith trusting not in the seen, but the unseen.

It is then we begin to live in his will.


© Andrew Jewell  – Wedgetail Ministries 2017


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