An Interview With Wedgetail Ministries

Below is a transcript of an interview with Andrew Jewell, founder of Wedgetail Ministries. Have a read and learn more about what Wedgetail is about.



Interviewer (Int.)-  ‘Tell me a little more about Wedgetail Ministries, its a relative unknown and I find it helps to know more about where people are coming from in their Ministry..’

Wedgetail Ministries (Wdge.) –‘Wedgetail started out for a number of reasons, I really felt a strong call for a Ministry that was focused on Church unity, providing solid Spiritual food and encouragement to anyone looking for greater communion with God.’

Int – ‘What kind of people do  you think use the service the most and visit the blog?’

Wdge- ‘Well, as I said it’s really about encouragement and we all need that from time to time. Often we need more than just what we are getting in the local church. We need to tend our own Spiritual growth in a proactive way also through prayer, reading our bible and so on. Wedgetail I guess adds another layer to that. Those that complete formal ministry training often study from great Christian leaders and the early Church fathers, Wedgetail kind of fits into that category. I’d like to think it provides another avenue to grow, commune and learn.’

‘So those that I would hope seek out the service is anyone looking to learn about God and to be encouraged in their common faith. Hopefully also to find a home if that is what they are looking for..’

Int – ‘Interesting that you use the term find a home, what do you mean by that?’

Wdge ‘Over the years and particularly since I have started this online Ministry I have noticed an increase in people feeling becoming more and more disillusioned by the traditional church context for a number of reasons.’

Int – ‘What sort of reasons?’

Wdge ‘How long have you got! (laughing)  … In all seriousness though people get disillusioned for many different reasons. I want to stress that this Ministry isn’t about encouraging people away from the traditional setting. But rather providing an alternative for those that don’t feel they fit in. For some it is simply that they don’t like crowds or get self-conscious, for others it is because they have had a bad experience within the congregational setting. One of our biggest challenges in the Church is that we are full of broken people and sometimes they have sharp edges.’

‘Others may be disillusioned with structure, a particular focus or Theology or preaching style and have become a little gun-shy after many failed attempts to feel at home. Wedgetail offers an online alternative to that through pastoral support, articles about Faith and the Hive newsletter.’

Int – ‘So then is Wedgetail a Church?’

Wdge – ‘The answer to that one is both yes and no. No it is not a Church as we traditionally understand it but on the other hand the Greek term for the Church is ‘ecclesia’ which means gathering. To that end Wedgetail is a place for a gathering of believers all seeking the common goal of being closer to Christ in a message of Christian unity.  Wedgetail seeks to throw off those robes that divide us if you like to be as one body of Christ. In some ways Wedgetail is an online family. 

Int – ‘Ecclesia is an unusual term for a layman, what is your background

Wdge – ‘I studied for the Ministry a number of years ago and so have a Theological degree and Pastoral experience but also various bits and bobs around counselling and other areas with an extensive background in both.’

Int – ‘What are the next steps, where do you see the ministry being taken?’

Wdge ‘It’s certainly been a steep learning curve and the site and the ministry is evolving all the time. Really Wedgetail is turning into an online congregation of sorts for those looking for rest and growth in the promotion of Christian unity. Much of how the Ministry is delivered will be facilitated through the Hive newsletter and the blog but there’s also a few other ideas on the way. Certainly there is a myriad of possibilities when working with a new medium like online… so it’s really a watch this space moment.’

Int – ‘Say I’m looking for encouragement and maybe I’m feeling a bit tattered around the edges, how can I become involved?’

Wdge ‘The best way is to sign up to the Hive through the pop up or just go to one of the editions on the site and also following the blog. There’s also a facebook page, twitter and instagram that often has different content. I  also regularly accept prayer requests and queries through the site in addition to the articles and newsletter. Even if you are just looking for some general advice or someone to talk to about your Faith walk. In addition to that I also offer online counselling for deeper issues and a Pastoral and Congregational support package which is a fee for service set-up.’

‘As I say there are a lot of changes on the way as to how I Minister through the site including different avenues for worship etc. so my advice would be to follow along and check in regularly’

Int – ‘Is there anything else you would like to add?’

Wdge ‘Just I guess that it doesn’t really matter too much how you choose to worship or where you feel at home. As long as there is a Cross there somewhere you’re on the right track. Pray carefully, listen and seek good advice and nourishment, we’re all in this for the same goal – to see the Kingdom come in its fullness. I’d urge everyone reading to please make sure they are getting fed somewhere, the Christian walk can be difficult but amazingly satisfying and we all need help sometimes to stay in tune with God.’

‘As I’ve been known to state before – ask yourself how loud the Church could shout if we shouted in one voice.’



© Andrew Jewell – Wedgetail Ministries  2017







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