Faithfulness Upon Faith Upon Victorious Faith

By Andrew Jewell 

Wow! That seems like a huge title but finding the words to express the Glory of the Father’s Grace isn’t easy.

The hardest thing about walking in Faith is learning to trust beyond our own selves. From the time we are born we are making new decisions, working out how the world works and trying to step out on our own. As a Christian however, we learn daily that this new world of miracles, hope, joy and sadness doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

No, rather it exists in the embrace of the Father. A Creator that is so concerned about little us that He sent His very own Son to enable a path directly to Him. That’s a lot to take in. After all we can only cope with so much.

Those of us that have truly been in love know the feeling of our chest wanting to explode with love. So vividly do we experience this that we expect to see Ripley waiting at the end of our bed ready to dispatch an unwanted cosmic creature.

 God’s love is like that, a cosmic love that fills us so fully that we can barely contain it. Often it feels like the very faith and love that consumes us may explode within us at any moment.

Recently I experienced a fresh flush of this. Weeks of prayer and crying out was answered in His saving Grace. The result not only practical to the situation at hand but bringing with it that overflowing faithfulness upon faith upon victorious faith. Bringing with it the love that surpasses all understanding.

Praise be to God

The hardest thing about that faith journey is accepting that His time is not our time. That even though He can see the end, the solution in hand and the result, often we can’t

It is then that we walk, often through what seems like the dark into His Grace.

© Andrew Jewell – Wedgetail Ministries 


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