Finding Christ in the Silence of a Busy World


wp-image-1029833124I Can’t Hear Myself Think

Learning how to manage our thoughts when we are being bombarded daily with images, work and personal demands is no simple task. Add in time for devotions, prayer, meditation, household expectations and exercise and its easy to get overwhelmed.

How do we learn to find solace in the chaos? To remove our thoughts from the global drone and unplug and be with God. If there was an easy answer then I guess there wouldn’t be any need for this article.

So here are a couple of things that can guide us in finding Christ in the silence of a busy world.

Learning to Withdraw

First of all let me just say that the title of this piece-  finding Christ in the silence of a busy World sounds like a contradiction in terms from the outset. Nevertheless there is silence to be found in a busy World, we just have to know where to look for it.

Stop the World I want to get off

Like the hunt for assumed extinct animals, the trail is hazy at best. What happened to that quiet, still space that I know God occupied within me? What happened to my balance when all around me I hear screams of frustration and cries of desperation for stillness. Stop the World, I want to get off.

In Matthew 26 we hear of Jesus removing Himself to pray, in Luke 6 we read of Jesus going  up into a mountain to pray, in Acts 10:9 we read of Peter going up to the roof to pray. In each example we see that even Jesus and His Apostles, without the distractions of the internet, media and ever demanding modern lives – still needed to withdraw.

Moreover, the Bible speaks time and again of God offering a place of stillness and rest. In seeking this our part is to set ourselves apart. To withdraw where we can pray, meditate and push into God without distractions.

Is it easy to find that space? Often not, however we are called to make that space available for God. Find what works and at a time that fits your schedule and be disciplined it it. For when we set that time aside we are better rested, invigorated and have a clearer ‘line’ to our Father God.

Seek My Voice

Often I hear people say that even though they pray their prayers are not answered or they cannot hear God. Without getting into the finer points of the theology of prayer my first reaction is usually – ‘Have you stopped to listen?’

Its hard to hear God if we simply won’t shut up. We need to allow room to hear His voice, sense His guidance and experience His peace if our prayer life is to be effective and we are to move in His Spirit in our everyday lives.

being still is a skill

Additionally we need to seek His voice in that stillness. Some days may be easier than others but it is difficult to hear the whisperings of our heart if we can’t quiet our mind. This is where meditation becomes important. Whether that be meditating on scripture, focusing on a Christian image such as the Cross or the face of Jesus or simply on breath, being still is a skill.

Do or do not, there is no try.

As with any other skill, learning to be still takes practice and discipline. In part setting the scene and schedule and in part learning to identify when we need it. We all fall out of routine from time to time and it is then that it is hardest to find Christ in the silence of a busy world.

Be still

Sometimes the obvious solution is the best solution. To quote Yoda in  the Empire Strikes Back – ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’ In other words ‘Be Still’ means just that.


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