#MondayMinistry – By His Design



wp-image-1406554649Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought about what it means to live by design. What a great topic for this weeks #MondayMinistry.

As Christians we all struggle. Struggle to work out what Faith means, how it looks, what we should do. We strive each day seeking to be better. But to be ‘better’ we need to ask ourselves just how that looks.


Life and living by design means that somewhere in our thinking there has to be a map, a plan, a holistic schematic of what we are trying to create. Likewise there also has to be a Creator of that schematic. A Leonardo that has dreamed of our lives as a machine of fantastic wonder.

That Leonardo is the Father and we are by His design.

Seeking Satisfaction

As human beings we seek satisfaction, to achieve, to love, to be successful and be loved. This is His design. Where we get lost is when our own ideas on who we should be and what we should experience don’t line up with God.

We try to design our own path for the wrong reasons. To be more than the next person, to earn nore than our colleague, to appear happier and surrounded more with trimmings than others. That is often our design, and we have that choice.

The question then becomes ‘is that the choice I really want to take?’

We forget all too often all that glitters isn’t gold. Not just with money but who we model ourselves upon, who we are in relationship with and what we are seeking in that next promotion.

Do you really want to live by your own design without a map? Or by His design, as our design.

If He can hold the stars in the heavens and sustain every nuance of our lives purely out of love – do we really think we know how to do it better?

wp-image-276537820© Andrew Jewell – Wedgetailministries.com


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