Prayer, Power and Persistence

Welcome to part #3 of the Spiritual warfare series – Prayer, Power and Persistence. Rather than article as such today’s offering is basically a statement, a reminder of what prayer does, its vitality and its indispensability.

Over recent weeks I have spoken a lot about prayer in dealing with everyday spiritual adversity and in more specific areas including grief  and finding solace in difficult times. Moreover prayer is our most valuable, available and effective weapon… When we can do nothing else we can always pray.

Prayer begins where we stop, it is the fountain from which we draw all strength and the very lifeline that connects us to the Father’s heart. In context of Spiritual warfare it not only sustains us, but protects, defends and mounts an assault on the enemy beyond what we could possibly do alone.

‘Prayer begins where we stop, it is the fountain from which we draw all strength and the very lifeline that connects us to the Father’s heart.’

A central element to our prayer life however is not just that it is a means of merely exercising power, but that it teaches us persistence and discipline. It teaches us the importance of always reaching out to God no matter how big or small our problems may be. It teaches us of God’s faithfulness toward His children, of His jealous protection of His people and the immutable faithfulness that holds our relationship with the Godhead in place.

The great preacher and teacher Charles Spurgeon noted simply that;

‘To pray is to enter the treasure-house of God and to gather riches out of an inexhaustible storehouse.’*

*(C.H Spurgeon –

It is in this context that we minister and within this framework that we battle daily with those Spiritual assaults that disguise themselves so cunningly as wrong thinking, broken belief systems, broken down self image and evil self talk. It is in the persistent visitation to this storehouse of heaven that we find our strength and access immutable Grace. For if we do not pray how do we expect to come to know the Father other than as words on a page.

Moreover, whilst the Holy Spirit speaks and guides our interpretation and brings us to God’s presence, without conversation we are mute believers. How do we approach the throne of Grace if we do not ask? And how do we say ‘I love you’ if we never open our heart mind or mouth to speak.

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