#MondayMinistry ~ In Search Of Whimsical God

wp-image-1406554649Usually on this blog I tend to tackle things that have more of a serious ‘edge’ such as Grace, Spiritual warfare, counselling and the impact of faith in our everyday lives.

Today is a little different, today I want to talk a little bit about the whimsical nature of God. A God that is not only fascinated by diversity, but moreover loves to be whimsical.. Here are five things that fill me with the joy of the nature of my Creator. Welcome to my search of whimsical God.

My God Has a Sense of Humour

Let he who has never mused over the sight of platypus cast the first stone.


At some stage I think most of us have thought, if we believe in a Creator God that He must have sense of humour. A swathe of colour here and a twist to a bone there and we have a new creature. Beautiful and unique in its own way.

We may dare to imagine even still  the dialogue in heaven governing the Creator’s brush.

‘Ok… left a bit…right.. a bit, no no that bill looks the same as the last one, twist… yes that’s it, now pull on the neck ..lol yes that’s good.. that’s very good, they’re gonna love that :)’


Let he who has never mused over the sight of platypus cast the first stone.

My God Loves Variety..Well, ..’Cause He Can..

My God loves variety as we experience every day. He appears to take a whimsical yet purposeful approach even to His own people.  A small refinement or removal of a particular muscle shape, pigment or piece of fatty tissue and we each look completely different. A different upbringing, in a different place, each with a different experience of the Father and ‘boom!’ a whole new creation, just for Him, by His hand and by His design.

children-82272_1280.jpgBut did He stop there? Certainly not.. He added language, and height to the shape, different strengths and gifts, different loves and passions, likes and dislikes.. right down to taste and smell. Why we may ask?…Perhaps simply because He can. Because He chooses to be loved by His artwork, these fragile lumps of clay. His people, His creation to fellowship with , to speak to so many so differently and love in many different ways. Such is my whimsical God.

My God is a God of Beauty


As an artist (or at least this one) part of what makes beauty beautiful is the whimsical nature of it. I love how a few essentially random colours and shapes thrown together can produce something stunning. Likewise I wonder if the Father does the same.

Lets face it a lot of God’s creatures, His mountains, valleys, plants and even natural phenomena are essentially odd to the analytical eye. Who would think that a few rocks, ground covers and vines with a smattering of shrubbery would produce something wondrous.


But time and time again it does, sculpted by the Master’s hand with purpose and perfection. As His creation we are likewise tuned to this Master’s harp, our loving God that loves to delight in all He has done. We understand and appreciate things in a certain form, a curve over a straight line, a kaleidoscope of colour over black and white, and a menagerie of creatures that dance, twist, sing and roar to the vibrance of creation.  Such is the whimsy of our beauty-loving God.

My God is a God of Purpose

Food could have dropped from the heavens at regular intervals, or we may have been created to not need food at all…


Way back in Genesis God appointed humanity to have dominion over the earth (Gen 1:28), which got me thinking. Unless God loved the process, loved diversity, loved the whimsical nature of beauty and loved to give good things to His kids, why grant us creation as we know it at all?

If the Father simply wanted a human playmate and dutiful worshippers He could have left us on an essentially baron piece of land looking nothing like the Earth and the Universe as we know it. Food could have dropped from the heavens at regular intervals, or we may have been created to not need food at all… and lets not even get started on reproduction.

What a boring place it would have been, all be it that we would know no different. No, rather our God decided that we would not only have purpose but moreover rich variety. In Each other, in our dwelling place and in how we come to know Him. God decided that each of us would be unique in Him, that we would have ears to hear, eyes to see and with a simple choice breathe in unison with Him. Such is our whimsical God.

My God is a God of Whimsy

Take this picture of a pigeon for instance


We understand or at least interpret the purpose of many things. But I can’t help but feel that God loves surprises. Take this picture of a pigeon for instance. We know in our human understanding that the magnificent headdress on said pigeon is likely part of their reproductive cycle, they are more eye catching and stand out to a mate. Possible with some kind of species ‘ranking’ process – ‘mine is bigger and better than yours so I am therefore the most suitable mate.’

But the God I believe in goes beyond simple attraction and purpose, in spite of the fact that as humans we may model similar behaviour. No my God considers the beauty of whimsy, the fact that an impressive spray of feathers sets off the whole package. Many of us may ourselves may use highlights and foils for the visually striking impact they have, sometimes simply to make a statement. Why, if we are made in His image should we think God is any different?

The Moral of the Story

What is to be gained you may ask of even exploring the whimsical side of our beloved Creator? Is there a moral to be gleaned at the end of things?

The Moral is simply this, that God is a whimsical God because He loves. He loves to delight in His creation and loves to share in the feeling of our hearts exploding with simple joy. From the relationship we share with His creatures, from the laughter they bring and love that they testify. From the artistic slope of the mountainside to the colour of each grain of sand pressing beneath our feet. This is a God of love, a whimsical God of Grace and purpose that loves to delight His children.

All He asks is that we love in return, that we love Him as He loves us, love one another as He loves us and love and care from the greatest to the meekest in His Creation… and back again.

When will you next love and delight in the whimsy of His creation I wonder…?

(*”Scripture taken from THE AMPLIFIED BIBLE, Old testament Copyright © 1965, 1987 by the Zondervan Corporation. The Amplified New Testament copyright © 1958, 1987 by the Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.”)

wp-image-276537820© 2017 Andrew Jewell – wedgetailministries.com


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