#Monday Ministry – Learn to Rest in Him First

wp-image-1406554649 ‘Learn to rest in Him first, then you are better prepared for the long walk of faith.’

By Andrew Jewell


Ministry has its challenges

Running  a growing blog such as this as a ministry on top of a normal job has its challenges. Often exhausting Spiritually, emotionally and physically, trying to get the balance right is often like trying to teach a fish to dance.

Only today whilst experiencing a brief moment of slightly overwhelmed panic my partner in her loving and steadying wisdom reminded me to be still. To take the time she knows I need to relax back into the privilege God has called me into, to sit back and let Him take the wheel. To rest in Him first.

I’m sure many of you are susceptible to hurry sickness as I am and its potential to bring us all undone from time to time. But as I note in the opening quote learning to rest first rather than only when we think we need it is vital for the stamina we need to fulfil our calling in Christ.

A Lesson from See-Saws


When we see children on a see-saw (teeter-totter) we understand that balance comes in two ways. The force required to push off the ground and be carried into the air, and the momentary rest whilst we wait for the other side to counterbalance by doing their bit.

Maintaining a ministry is similar. Often we are either cued to commence the journey by God or He commences it for us. As the journey continues He does His bit and we do ours, and so it progresses with many ups and downs but nevertheless with a sense of perpetual satisfaction.

But what of those other times? You remember… when the see-saw gets stuck because the equilibrium is dead centre. Both of you on either end jiggling and bouncing to get movement again. These times are when from a Spiritual perspective we are forced to be patient. Why? Because we cannot move and are forced to do nothing but be content to wait and stare into the eyes of God.

It’s often confronting and a little scary in these times, partly because of what we can see and partly because of what we can’t. Put simply all we can do is wait for Him to move again.

But before we came to that point, that pregnant pause of guidance, we first had to be still. We had to recharge, to re-focus and re-evaluate who’s move it actually was.

It’s in the stillness we learn how more effectively to rest in Him. To allow Him to recharge us and recommence the journey.

 ‘Learn to rest in Him first, then you are better prepared for the long walk of faith.’


wp-image-276537820©  2017 Andrew Jewell – wedgetailministries.com




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