#MondayMinistry – We Step, We Oxygenate, We Thrive

wp-image-116649849bg-blogger-badge-500x500-e1387301563797By Andrew Jewell

It is easy to take our Faith for granted, particularly if we have been walking with Him for a long time.  But today I wanted to break down just what is happening in us when we walk in Faith everyday. We step, we oxygenate and we thrive – thoughts on 3 steps of Faith.

We Step

The Walk of Faith . The feeling of walking on nothing, yet with tangibility. The feeling of walking on a thin veil of paper, levitating us above everyday problems, translucent yet strong.

We must trust in what we cannot see in order to see in what we have put our trust.

boards-2040575_1280Visualising Faith for me conjures movie scenes from one of the great fantasy genres, each step into nothingness is met with a solid stone underfoot, holding us above the abyss. Such is the nature of Faith.

We must trust in what we cannot see in order to see in what we have put our trust. We must employ and exercise it before it can become useful to us. This how we step out in Faith just as Peter did when Jesus called him out of the boat (Matt 14:29) . I imagine Peter considered Jesus had lost His mind, either that or he had lost his own.

This step for each of us is different, from simple aspects of belief through to a full reliance on God as to a certain outcome in our lives, purely because it is beyond our control and has to be left up to Him. For me most recently it was about sustenance and provision, as anyone that runs a Faith ministry will tell you we are very much reliant on what God has next around the corner. Perhaps you can remember the last step of Faith that left an impact on you as well.

We Oxygenate

woman-570883_1280If our Faith lives in a matchbox at the back of the cupboard it is useless, but when we take it out and strike it aflame with oxygen (prayer and the Word) and fuel (Faith in action) it spreads like a wildfire.

We oxygenate our Faith in order to breath life into it by the Holy Spirit. The word for ‘Spirit’ in NT Greek pneúma’  actually means breath. So as we exercise our Faith more, give it room to breathe,  the Holy Spirit breathes  into it expanding our Faith so that we may exercise more Faith again. And so we see a cycle- Faith, feeds breath (Holy Spirit), feeds Faith. We oxygenate our Faith for the Holy Spirit to oxygenate and expand our trust.

We Thrive

The more we exercise our Faith, the deeper our roots go and the more we thrive. We push ourselves to the next goal, the next Spiritual conviction and the next leap of Faith. Just like a child learning to walk God build’s us up slowly, a little step here, a small jump there and a finally a quantum leap to our  next understanding.

 Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness. (Col 2:7)

We know from plants that they need water and food to root deeply. Likewise we need to tend our Faith, feeding it daily from many sources of nutrients. Prayer, fellowship, the Bible, solid Christian teaching and so on.

So as a challenge – what will you do today as your next step of Faith? How will you oxygenate it? And how will you choose to help it thrive?


©Andrew Jewell – Wedgetail Ministries www.wedgetailministries.com



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