#Monday Ministry – Father of Faithfulness


There are many times when we feel we are walking alone. That it is simply us, spinning out of control on this infinite rock hurtling through space.

It is also in these times that we call out for more. For a someone or something that has more power than us to turn things around, to pick us up when we have fallen or simply say ‘It will all be OK’.

It is often in these dark shadows of the soul  that we reach out to find meaning, to explore if there is more, if there is a God and I’m not the only thing that decides if I live or die or triumph or fail.

As a Christian I have that comfort. A Faith that allows me to not simply gaze in awe or worship an unseen entity, but a Faith that means everyday He is walking by my side.

Like a gentle Father, the first Father in fact He leans down and softly says ‘I Love you!’ and that there is nothing that we cannot tackle together. For He is my provider and protector, my beacon of where to turn or how to handle life’s latest speed hump. He is Eternal, my internal, my external. My guiding light and deliverer unto Himself where I will prosper, receive love and learn how to love.

Such is the nature of my Heavenly Father, my Father of Faithfulness.

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