Leviticus 23:23-32

Looking Unto Jesus

(Leviticus 23:23-32) – Sabbath feasts.

You have to plan and prioritize some times of rest.

The Lord makes that obvious not only in the creation of the pattern of the week, but also in the setup of these special holidays.

And not only does God plan the time of rest, He also provides the direction for what the people should meditate on during that time.

That’s leadership.

If He didn’t, the people would probably still have a nice day to relax, but they surely wouldn’t utilize the time to its maximum potential.

God wants to make sure they focus on rest, redemption, and repentance.

Sometimes we’re really uncomfortable with stillness. It forces us to face some things that we may have been running from internally with busyness.

When we hit the pause button on life, and turn down the volume on the rest of the world, God speaks to us…

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