The Wisdom in Servanthood

Of all my favourite parts of the bible, one of the standouts has always been the account of Jesus washing His disciples feet in John 13:5. Servanthood is one of those things we often don’t pay as much attention to as perhaps we could. The image of John 13:5 is a beautiful reminder of what it means to exercise true headship in any part if life. As a Father, a leader or indeed even a King in the case of Jesus.

The  video below is a fantastic example not just because of its content but where it came from. This video came across my feed not just as a nice sentiment but from a servant source. A man who despite being 85 and residing in a nursing home himself still finds the time, strength and humility to help make breakfast for the other residents. 

The speaker below has a lot of great stuff to say but for me the image of service is my take away. How about you?
Thank you to my partner Maree for sharing this wonderful piece on his behalf.

© Andrew Jewell  2017- Wedgetail 

(video courtesy /VT)


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