Judges 6:11-24

Some great thoughts here and a blessed reminder to be who He created you to be. Blessings, Andrew

Looking Unto Jesus

(Judges 6:11-24) – “Have I not sent YOU?”

Gideon is visited by the angel of the Lord, who the text makes clear is God Himself. Many theologians believe these Old Testament appearances of the angel of the Lord are indeed the pre-incarnate Christ.

Gideon is greeted with the declaration that God is with him, and Gideon has some questions…maybe some of these resonate with you.

“If God is with me, why is my life in turmoil?”

“If God is with me, why is nothing going right?”

“If God is with me, where are all His supposed blessings?”

Many people judge God’s goodness in their life based on their circumstances, and because things weren’t going well for Israel, Gideon questioned God’s presence in his life.

His logic seems reasonable…If God is the all-knowing, all-powerful Creator of the universe, and He’s on OUR side, why are a bunch of sheep herders wrecking…

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