A Season of Harvest/Equipping

Naturally everything we receive and perceive needs to be measured prayerfully and against scripture. I sense (and have for some years) that we are indeed entering a period of Harvest. But there are still crops to be planted and tended as the Harvest moves through. Hold tight in anticipation as the Father continues to bring His works to fruition and work through many of His people’s. Blessings, Andrew

Leigh-Anne Drago

I had a vision last night of a garden. It stretched out endlessly and there were angels tending to it. I heard the Lord speak and he said, “command the angels! They were made to be sent to help you! This is my will; my decree. You do good when you listen.” Then I heard the sound of a trumpet. All of the angels stood at attention and looked to where the sound came from. Then I saw a large, circular room and I saw 12 figures. The Lord told me that these 12 figures were representatives of the 12 tribes of Israel. I saw that several of these figures had papers in front of them and there was one that had a beautiful, aged and ornate book in front of him that was sealed with a lock. Then the Father stepped into the room and peace rushed over me…

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