Galatians 2:7-14

Looking Unto Jesus

(Galatians 2:7-14) – If not for the grace of God, there go I.

If not for God’s Holy Spirit living in us, every one of us would be off the rails.

If not for God’s amazing grace, each of us would still be in slavery to sin.

If not for God’s active leading, we would all succumb to the same sins we preach against.

Peter falls into this in this account of Scripture. The Apostles preached against hypocrisy, and yet, in this instance, they were guilty of it themselves.

And Paul called them out on it.

Paul had been established as an Apostle. He’d received a symbolic mark of approval from the 12 (not that he needed it), and he had many signs from God Himself that verified his apostleship.

And here, he was utilizing his authority correctly to confront sin in the church’s leadership.

It’s so easy to get…

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