Christmas Hallelujah

OK so generally I’m not really one for re-lyricising (if that’s even a word) a song, particularly one that stands well on its own.
However I can’t escape the value in directly applying Leonard Cohen’s classic to Christmas.

הַלְּלוּיָהּ (Hallelujah) in common usage as we know first appears in the Bible. It carries with it the meaning of ‘praise Yah’. Yahweh (Yhwh), the name for God. But more than that it denotes a joyous praise, a reckless almost foolish praise in its selfless abandonment to rejoice in Him.

What other time throughout the year do we so liberally abandon our inhibitions to sing and join together? What other time of year do strangers more frequently go out of their way to help others? And what other time of year other than the resurrection we embrace at Easter are we son drawn to God’s great work on Earth?

Rejoice! For He is Here!

Watch “Christmas Hallelujah” on YouTube

© Andrew Jewell



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