Oh Holy Night 

Wow! Ok so this was a really difficult choice. There are so many awesome versions of Oh Holy Night out there it is sooo difficult to choose.

In the end, inspite of how much I love the crescendos and raw power that can accompany this song I’ve gone a different way. I’ve opted for something a little gentler.

As you usher in Christmas day, this clip in particular reminds us of the significance of what a young couple endured for us in carrying forth the Messianic legacy.  Moreover it is an illustration of the simple love that God brought forth and those things we hold dear at Christmas.

Oh Holy Night is about one Holy night when God Himself in His Son chose to be with His people knowing full well what was to come.

Why might we ask? Simply because He loved, loves and wants to be with His Children.

Have a restful and safe Christmas, Blessed in the knowledge of Who’s you are and will always be.

Blessings – Andrew

Watch “O Holy Night – AMAZING version!!” on YouTube

© Andrew Jewell 2017 www.wedgetailministries.com 


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