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‘Welcome to the Pastoral Support E-Counselling Page

 What We Do

At Wedgetail  Andrew Jewell offers a range of Pastoral support, Counselling and Spiritual Care options for Churches, Church Leaders and Individuals.

How is Wedgetail different from other Ministries and Counselling Services?

Instead of simply offering a counselling service, Wedgetail Ministries specialises in offers full pastoral support packages for Churches Pastors and Leadership teams. The E-Counselling and Pastoral  Support Service encompasses access to qualified remote e-counselling services, practical leadership guidance, pastoral care, prayer and spiritual support.

Alongside its online Ministry Wedgetail operates as a Church consulting and counselling resource  offering value for money and support when you need it through practical, ethical and biblical counselling and advisory services.

By packaging services Wedgetail are able to offer affordable  retained services to meet individual, church and Leadership needs.

How Does it Work?

Packages are specifically designed to reflect the needs of the Church and Church Leaders. Wedgetail’s services provides access to confidential chat services, Skype appointments and  email support.


Pastor and Leaders Package $139 per month –Value!

Wedgetail specialises in providing Christian Leadership support World-wide.

Leadership is hard, and in-spite of our Faith its sometimes a lonely road, and that’s OK. Wedgetail is here to help! Andrew is formally trained in Theology and counselling with over 20 years experience in the Church and Ministry.

One of the biggest risks and challenges of Christian leadership is burn-out, in particular Spiritual burnout. Self care and the opportunity to ‘unload’  and seek good counsel other than just in prayer is important in maintaining your health, well-being, relationships and in maintaining a strong dynamic Ministry.

Andrew has broad leadership experience in the Church, business, not for profits, government and private sectors and has worked extensively in challenging areas including;  pastoral care, crisis intervention, governance, management, counselling, spiritual abuse, managing relationships, critical incident management, community development, sexual assault, trauma, team co-ordination, community recovery and development.

Sometimes its good to ask- ‘Who counsels the Pastor’

If you are a Pastor, Minister, Priest, or Church leader of any type or denomination then this package is for you!

Inclusions and attributes;

        • Ongoing monthly access to *confidential counselling and leadership/ personal advice
        • Non Judgmental and Multi Denominational
        • Access to up to 3 50 min. face-face Skype sessions /or  6 live chat sessions (subject to availability)/ or partial combination of both per month, every month. 
        • Sound practical leadership advice 
        • Unlimited email support for Pastoral/ Leadership Issues 
        • Monthly E-News containing articles, updates, blogs and encouragement
        • Confidential Prayer Support

Over $90 worth of additional face-face/ chat counselling support alone EVERY MONTH with unlimited email support! 

*Normal legal restrictions to limits of confidentiality apply

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Ultimate Church and Congregational Package $399 per/month

The big one! Wedgetail Ministries is proud to offer externalised counselling and pastoral support options to audience-868074_1920Congregations, Spiritual gatherings, Church groups and Ecclesia of all shapes and sizes!

Why Subscribe to a Pastoral Package for your Church?

Churches are demanding, in particular when they are larger or have a particularly demanding Ministry to balance with pastoral Care. Church leaders often struggle with age old questions of ‘how do I get around everybody’ and ‘I’m not equipped to deal with this..’ Wedgetail Ministries offers a solution by an on-line email and chat service for members of your congregation. Likewise should a member of your flock be struggling with issues beyond your Pastoral Care team’s expertise, professional, biblically and Spiritually sound advice and support is available.  Our Church package benefits includes;

          • Ongoing monthly access for your entire Congregation (Up to *300 members)
          • Non Judgmental and Multi Denominational
          • Externalising of risk to the Church associated with Counselling and Pastoral Care
          • A much needed extra pair of Pastoral hands at exceptional value for money 
          • Access to up to 3 live chat sessions per congregational member per month
          • Access Sound spiritual advice and counselling expertise
          • Unlimited email support for Senior Pastors/ Leaders (Up to 3 inclusions per Congregation- E.g Snr Pastor, Church Council Rep, Worship Director)
          • Monthly E-News containing articles, updates, blogs and encouragement
          • External  Prayer Support
          • Discounted individual Skype Sessions for congregational members , Pastors and the Leadership team. 

That’s less than $1.50 per head for additional sound and trusted congregational support!

*For larger Churches (e.g. Mega Churches) or smaller tailored Congregational packages (House churches etc) / Questions please email Andrew at Wedgetail Ministries

Sign-up today to breathe new life into your congregational care

Normal confidentiality restrictions apply

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 Counselling- General Information

Wedgetail offers fully qualified confidential and secure E-counselling and Pastoral Care Services . Andrew can offer therapy and support to help you deal with many complex life  issues including;

          • Trauma
          • Grief and loss
          • Depression & feelings of suicide
          • Church and workplace conflict
          • Spiritual issues and life Guidance
          • Abuse – including Spiritual, sexual and domestic violence
          • Leadership, Pastoral ethics and Ministry support
          • Relationships
          • Pastoral Care and Prayer Support.

Andrew works from a life affirming, wholeness focused Christ centred perspective.

‘Meeting you where you are on life’s journey and in your walk with Christ.’


Andrew also offers recognised Mediation services specialising in assisting conflict resolution in the Church . Please contact Wedgetail Ministries for further details.

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