Client Registration Page

Welcome to the Wedgetail Ministries Client Registration Form!

Please fill in your personal information in the fields below. Once your registration is complete you may begin counselling sessions and support at a time convenient to you (subject to availability).

All information is remains strictly confidential to yourself and Wedgetail Ministries subject to mandatory reporting requirements.

Once you have completed this form you are ready to move ahead on your journey. Please  email Andrew at Wedgetail Ministries with ‘booking request’ in the subject line to make a booking. Please include your name;  registration purchase type (e.g.’Individual subscription’, ‘single session’ etc);  Session type requested (Skype, email or live chat) and your receipt number (provided on completion of paypal checkout). This will also become your client number.

I look forward to working with you soon. – Andrew


Confidential Client Registration

Wedgetail Ministries Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement

Wedgetail Ministries Terms & Conditions


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