Develop Your Mission Statement


Why is a Mission Statement Important?

Mission statements are an important addition to ground organisations to explain to your audience your underlying motivations in why you do what you do. Mission statements are helpful in attracting funding, building your public profile, informing customers and clients, building business confidence and aligning staff, congregations and groups to the same purpose.

Likewise for individuals a strong mission statement added to your CV shows potential employers and others that you are serious, understand yourself and are convicted in your ideals helping you stand out from the crowd.

Knowing what we believe or why we do it is one thing, formulating and collecting those ideas into a definitive, unique statement is another. Wedgetail Ministries can assist.

Who Can Benefit from a Sound Mission Statement?

Schools, Churches, Non Government Organisations, Job Seekers, Community Groups, Charities, Sporting and Social Clubs, Individuals, Corporations, Small and Larger Businesses and Para Church Organisations. Basically if you can envision it, it will benefit from a sound, aligned Mission Statement that reflects its core values and purpose.

Things to Consider

For Groups, Collectives, Clubs, Churches, Schools, business and NGO’s

When formulating a mission statement ideally it needs to be something that as a group you can happily own as a collective, as such it is wise to workshop these ideals as a group first, Wedgetail can facilitate these workshops for you if you wish.

For Individuals

For an individual consider those things that are most important to you, how your life and mission align and how that will work together. Wedgetail Ministries has a proforma questionnaire that we use with individual clients and/or churches and organisations where work-shopping has taken place to assist you by exploring the right questions to help you find the answers you need.

To get the ball rolling call Andrew at Wedgetail Ministries on (+61) 0455 438 248 or email to discuss your needs.

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