Seascape speaks to us of the relentlessness of the Tide. But also that things in our lives are ever changing. Just as Christ washes away Sin, so too the tide ebbs and flows, rearranging our minds and our hearts as grains of sand.

I invite you to join me in this space in resting in the Creator. Draw peace from his hand, knowing that while He retains control, Issues only remain with us for a season.

*Remember videos are best experienced full screen. A sunny space with a breeze is a great way to experience Seascape.  Reflective ballads, slower worship songs, additional sea sounds or even bird-song make an excellent accompaniment.

(Sound Credit- Mike Koenig

– Father Your words crash around me as I stumble to the shore;

seeking Your advice and Your love.

– As the tide kisses my feet remind of Your acts of humility in the upper room and cleanse me.

– Lord I seek You now in harmony with your creation;

I cry out for Your stillness and mercy

– Thank you Father that you reach out to me, down to me and stir up Your Spirit within me;

Your grace and Your love fill my heart.

Thanks Be To God


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