Vigil sets the worshiper in a reflective one-one communion with God. The Candle represents the light of Christ and the quiet, contemplative burning of Faith within us.

I encourage you to use the accompanying prayer to prepare yourself as you fall gently into the meditative space.

*Please note videos are best experienced full screen and in a darkened room. Gregorian Chants and traditional worship songs are a great accompaniment to this space.


Candlelight Prayer

– Lord draw me to your presence;

Quiet my heart and my mind that I might receive You.

– You are my light, the candle burning in the darkness;

The light that sets me free.

– Prepare me Lord to receive You;

To trust in Your Word and Your leading;

To draw near in the stillness to Your abounding love.

– Touch me by your Spirit and dwell with me that You might touch my heart;

Greet me Lord in Your undying Grace.










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