Welcome to Wedgetail Ministries!

‘Lifting Broken Believers’

Wedgetail Ministries offers ongoing biblical ministry support to believers across the globe through a Dynamic online ministry.  Wedgetail offers regular Faith building blog content and a place for believers to find belonging and acceptance regardless of their particular theological point of view.

Join Wedgetail in accessing personal Meditation spaces, Counselling support, Christian Motivational Speaking, Blog content and associated Ministry services supporting Individuals, Churches and Para-Church Organisations.


Wedgetail’s mission?

‘To lift the fallen, to heal the broken, to bring light into the darkest reaches of humanity… To be the very definition of Grace, that is our collective purpose.’ — Andrew Jewell


Wedgetail seeks to actively  promote unity and with an ecumenical Christian focus across the global Christian Church.



Looking for great content? Please feel free to reblog and share content providing that you use it in its entirety and acknowledge authorship and Wedgetail Ministries by a link back to this site.  Blog content is free to use for Ministry purposes such as church services, sermons etc. It would be great to hear from you to know how its being used to bless others.

Please email me if you would like me to write content for your blog/ publication or have content you would like to submit.

Wedgetail loves to work with other Churches Organisations and Individuals in promoting God’s message and in building stronger communities and individuals of Grace.


Looking for Social Media contacts? Wedgetail regularly blogs on twitter, facebook, medium, google+ and Instagram or find our channel on YouYube- just search Wedgetail Ministries ..


Wedgetail specialises in Pastoral and prayer support to those in leadership. Please feel free to email me for prayer support or requests for pastoral counselling and consultation regardless of where you live.

Andrew Jewell – Wedgetail Ministries



Andrew Jewell- Wedgetail Ministries

Penguin,  Tasmania AU  Ph. 0455 438 248 wedgetailministries@gmail.com

ABN 55 880 387 463 / IICT 1701030478


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